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Getting the Deal Through Merger Control 2024

Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Merger Control – 2024 edition now out

The latest edition of Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Merger Control is now available. This guide, on which Freshfields has worked in partnership with Law Business Research for 28 years, remains as invaluable to businesses as ever. Merger control regimes around the world continue to pose ever more complex strategic challenges, and our first-hand experience across many of the jurisdictions covered equips us to develop key content for this publication each year.

Lexology Getting the Deal Through: Merger Control covers the basic principles of merger regulation in 59 jurisdictions worldwide, with a handy timeline for each jurisdiction. We are proud to be the main contributor, covering 15 jurisdictions, and also to play the role of global contributing editor. We also provide an opening chapter, which this year focuses on the relentless trend towards tougher merger control enforcement by competition authorities globally. 

We are very pleased that many national authorities have once again endorsed the accuracy of the chapter covering their jurisdiction.

Please get in touch to request access to the publication.


antitrust and competition, merger control